Exchange F1 Paddock Club Passes™ Giveaway Leaderboard

(Updated 10 September 2021 00:00 UTC)

Here are the top 5 traders of our F1 Paddock Club Passes Giveaway! New and existing Exchange traders have the chance to attend an upcoming F1 race this year, including Turkey, the United States, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, and Brazil Grand Prix.

What’s more, the winners can pick the race they wish to attend, and get up to a USD 1,000 reimbursement from to cover their travel expenses, paid in CRO.

Campaign Period: 3 September 2021, 05:00 UTC – 20 September 2021, 00:00 UTC

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The % shown here indicates the % of a specific user’s transaction volume of USDC pairs on the Exchange Spot market out of the total USDC Spot trading volume on the Exchange.

* USDC Spot Trading Volume = Spot Trading Buys + Spot Trading Sells
(Only USDC pairs tradings are eligible to be counted for this campaign)

Part 1: New Users Lucky Draw (2 Pairs of Tickets): Two new users who sign up to the Exchange during the Campaign Period will win a pair of F1 Paddock Club Passes and a USD 1,000 travel subsidy, paid in CRO.

Part 2: Trading Competition (3 Pairs of Tickets): The top 3 traders with the highest USDC Spot Trading Volume* by the end of the Campaign Period will each win a pair of F1 Paddock Club Passes and a USD 1,000 travel subsidy, paid in CRO.

For more information about the promotion, please visit our blog.

Note: This leaderboard ranking does not reflect the final results. The eligibility of participants will be verified by after the campaign ends. Please refer to the full eligibility criteria in the Official Rules for Sweepstakes for eligibility rules.