Governance Proposal for Mainnet Upgrade Is Now Live for Voting

Since the launch of Canis Major – Phase I, we have been happy to see that the network supports smooth, native NFT operations on the Chain.

Together with the team’s valiant efforts and incredible support from the community, we are now ready to propose a new mainnet upgrade for Phase 2: Draco II, which will explore fresh opportunities to further empower the chain. We would like you, our community, to share your feedback on the upgrade proposal and cast your vote.

What is this proposal?

We are proposing a network upgrade for the Chain mainnet crypto-org-chain-mainnet-1. The Draco II – Phase 2 upgrade intends to enable native token issuance via IBC solo machines. Coin Issuance is an essential building block for the Chain DeFi ecosystem. The tokens can be issued easily with solutions such as Solo Machine, are natively recognised, and can be transferred for the purposes of payment.

This newest binary v3.1.1 is an upgraded base on Cosmos SDK 0.44.0 and Ibc-go 1.1.0, which contain a few important updates to the network, including two new modules x/authz and x/feegrant, new public keys and signing algorithms, enabled governance ‘weighted votes’ option, and more.

If this proposal passes, validators and full nodes would need to upgrade their chain-maind to the newest version to enable this upgrade.

Governance Voting Process

The community governance voting process for this upgrade will start once this proposal has been funded by a sufficient deposit. If the proposal passes, the upgrade will be performed at block height #2472800. The Chain will be paused to allow the majority of validators to upgrade.

How can I prepare?

Validators and full node hosts need to upgrade to the latest chain-maind binary. There is no other required action.

The 14-day voting period will begin at 11:00 UTC on 8 September 8 2021 and end on 22 September 2021 at 11:00 UTC. If the proposal passes, the chain will be upgraded at block height 2472800. We highly encourage all Chain validators and delegators to cast their votes.

How do I vote?

We have started the on-chain parameter change governance proposal 5 and would like to invite you to participate in the voting process. You can cast your vote by using “chain-maind” or Chain Desktop Wallet.

By Chain Desktop Wallet:

By “Chain-maind”:

You can check the proposal by:

  • Using `chain-maind`

chain-maind q gov proposals 5 –node

Check the vote by:

  • Using `chain-maind`

chain-maind tx gov vote 5 [voting_option]  –from [key_name] –chain-id=”crypto-org-chain-mainnet-1″ –node

Check the voting result at:

How do I upgrade my nodes?

Node runners do not need to perform any operations yet, as the upgrade proposal must be passed first. You can watch for two important dates:

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