’30for30′ Bitcoin Solidarity With El Salvador Trend Tries to Convince People to Buy $30 in BTC Tomorrow

'30for30' Bitcoin Solidarity With El Salvador Trend Tries to Convince People to Buy $30 in BTC Tomorrow

It’s a big day for El Salvador this Tuesday, as the country’s new legal tender law will be enforced. A great number of bitcoin supporters have plans to purchase $30 worth of bitcoin to show support for the upcoming implementation of the bitcoin tender law. The $30 increment was conceived because Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele has promised $30 worth of free bitcoin to every Salvadoran citizen with a government wallet.

In Less Than 24 Hours, El Salvador Is Officially Adopting Bitcoin as Legal Tender

On Wednesday, September 7, 2021, El Salvador’s bitcoin tender law will come into play. The monetary shift has the whole world focused on the small Latin American country, because people are very curious as to what will happen after bitcoin becomes legal tender. On June 25, Bitcoin.com News reported on the Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele telling citizens that anyone with a government-backed digital currency wallet will receive $30 worth of free bitcoin. Bukele said at the time:

It will be within the Chivo app where we will deposit the equivalent $30 in bitcoin to promote its use in the economy and to give people an incentive to use the application.

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Now, as there’s less than 24 hours left until the crypto asset becomes legal tender, bitcoin supporters have started a social media trend to get a bunch of people to purchase $30 worth of BTC to show support for Salvadorans. On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, alongside Reddit posts as well, hashtags like “#30for30” “#buybtctuesday” and “#7septemberbuybtc” have been trending. One specific Reddit post that recently published says: “Buy at least $30 tomorrow at 5 PM EDT (2 PM Pacific, 9 PM GMT).”

The post was removed from the Reddit forum r/bitcoin but before it was taken down many people commented on the subject. “Too late, bought $30 now,” one Redditor exclaimed. “Yeah, I thought it was today… I guess I’ll buy more tomorrow too. And every day after,” another Redditor wrote.

On Twitter, the commentary is similar as many people on the platform are trying to get bitcoiners to purchase $30 worth of BTC in support of El Salvador’s shift toward bitcoin.

Michael Saylor: ‘Every Cyber Hornet I Know Is Planning to Buy $30 in Bitcoin Tomorrow in Solidarity’

Microstrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor also wrote about buying $30 worth of BTC on September 7. “On September 7, El Salvador will officially begin using bitcoin as its national currency alongside the U.S. dollar,” Saylor tweeted. “Every cyber hornet I know is planning to buy $30 in BTC tomorrow in solidarity with the people of El Salvador and their leader Nayib Bukele. Will you join us?” Saylor asked while also sharing a “yes” or “no” survey.

At the time of writing, 39,949 Twitter accounts voted on Saylor’s poll and 83.4% said “yes” while 16.6% said “no” to Saylor’s “will you join us” question. One person replied to Saylor’s tweet and said: “I’ll do $300 and you do $3 million.” On Reddit one person said that he didn’t think “it’s gonna impact the price at all. The effect on the price happened when the news was first announced,” he said. However, one person said that buying $30 worth of BTC wasn’t about moving the price of bitcoin. He stressed:

It’s not about affecting the price. It’s about recognizing and celebrating a historic moment.

What do you think about bitcoiners trying to convince others to purchase $30 worth of bitcoin on September 7? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.