Revive Project’s Pulse Token Public Sale is On Until September 30th

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

September 8th, 2021, Zug, Switzerland — The Revive Project is a revolutionary platform, and unique ecosystem that will allow the blockchain community to come together to invest in crypto and develop exciting NFT projects. The token public sale started on the 1st of September and is running until the 30th of September, 2021. Following the sale, PULSE will be listed on PancakeSwap and WhiteBIT after the Public

Revive Project – Building an Ecosystem

The Revive Project is developing 3 innovative platform’s: the Revive Wallet, the NFT Marketplace & Academy, and Revive Exchange.

The Revive Wallet and PULSE token will be specially combined so they can be integrated into the Revive NFT Marketplace, Revive Academy and Revive Exchange. The Revive Wallet will be the gate for accessing these innovative platform’s and allow token holders to vote on Revive developments.

The Revive NFT Marketplace aims to revolutionize, innovate and simplify the way NFTs are created and developed. Exclusive and only accessible for PULSE holders, the NFT Academy helps guide creators through their journey as NFT developers.

The Revive Exchange will be the cherry on top of the entire Ecosystem. Its goal is to create a trading environment where we will be able to give the opportunity to all Pulse holders to invest in new and innovative financial derivative crypto products.

The Ecosystem

The Revive Ecosystem is designed specifically to encourage long-term holding and discourage token sell-offs, with the express intention of securing maximum benefits to its token holders. To achieve this, from each PULSE transaction the Smart Contract takes a 10% commission which goes directly to token holders, (1%) the Revive Basket, (5% spread across FileCoin, Certik, Venus, TrustWallet and Cake) the Revive Launchdome platform, (2%) and liquidity on PancakeSwap. (2%) 

Token Holder Benefits

The benefits for PULSE token holders are vast and strongly encourage long-term token holding. Although the financial benefits of token holding are huge, the knowledge, skills and understanding of NFT creation and marketing could end up holding even more value.

Pulse token holders will receive:

  • 1% commission from every transaction
  • Profits from the Revive Basket, Launchdome, NFT Marketplace & Academy and Revive Exchange
  • Opportunity to automatically enter the Revive NFT Marketplace, Academy, and Revive Exchange
  • Special discounts on fees
  • The right to vote and special offers.

Pulse Tokenomics

There is a total and maximum supply of 1 billion PULSE tokens, which have been allocated in a structure that uses a vesting period for team members and investors (here)

Public Sale & WhiteBIT Listing

The PULSE public sale started on 1st of September at 00:00 (CET) and runs until the 30th of September at 00:00 (CET). Following the Public Sale, Pulse token will be listed on DEX on PancakeSwap and on CEX on WhiteBIT shortly after.