TITAN – From the First Crypto Bank Run to a Bustling Meme Coin Community

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

TITAN became an overnight meme coin success after Iron Finance suffered the first bank run in crypto. Legions of TITAN holders united under TITANDAO to bring TITAN back from the dead. Their mission is simple: “Make TITAN Great Again”.

  • TITAN price is 38X since the TITANDAO community was formed 2 ½ months ago
  • 20,000 TITAN Punkz NFTs sold out in 3 days
  • 14 billion TITAN burned from their initiatives
  • Launching a DAO governance token

Iron Finance, the original creator of TITAN, has burned its minting keys and endorsed the TITANDAO community as the new custodians of TITAN. TITANDAO runs ‘TITAN is our DOGE’ social channels where a strong following soon emerged, fuelled by memes about Mark Cuban and Elon Musk. Cuban publicly tweeted his frustration at allegedly falling victim to the crash. While Elon’s obscure tweet, “T is the new D” was impeccably timed to be taken advantage of as “TITAN is the new DOGE”, and fuel speculation around TITAN’s comeback story. Not to mention his affinity with TITAN’s new inspiration: Dogecoin. The biggest meme coin in crypto and now, its biggest rival.

The greatest comeback crypto story was in full swing, driven solely by volunteers. The TITANDAO team quickly released a merchandise store and a Jackpot game that started the process of burning TITAN. The latest product launched was TITAN Punkz, an NFT series inspired by the original CryptoPunks, which tells the TITAN comeback story to date. All 20,000 Punkz sold out in just 3 days, with 11 billion TITAN burned in the process. Holders of rare Punkz will enjoy future benefits in the TITANDAO ecosystem such as early access to products and services.

TITANDAO is launching its governance token to operate as a Decentralised Autonomous Organization that is owned and governed by its community. The token will play a pivotal role in growing and engaging the community via on-chain governance voting. It will offer financial support and incentives to new product releases that will drive the next growth phase of the price recovery of TITAN. The governance token will also be used to increase awareness of TITANDAO and drive the 100,000 plus TITAN holders to support TITANDAO’s mission: “Make TITAN Great Again”. Join their Telegram channel to learn more about the TITANDAO community and how to earn its governance token.