Metamask Surpasses 10 Million Monthly Active Users, Climbing 1,800% in 12 Months

Metamask Surpasses 10 Million Monthly Active Users Climbing 1,800% in 12 Months

On Tuesday, the noncustodial digital currency wallet Metamask announced that the platform has surpassed 10 million monthly active users (MAUs). Year-to-date, Metamask has seen 19x growth since July 2020 as MAUs climbed 1,800% in 12 months.

Metamask Hits Over 10 Million Monthly Active Users

There’s no doubt that Metamask has been a popular Ethereum blockchain wallet that is also compatible with technologies like Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. The wallet was created by the blockchain software company Consensys in 2016 and a great number of decentralized finance (defi) applications support Metamask.

In a Tuesday announcement, Metamask says that in July 2020 the platform saw 545,080 MAUs and by April 2021, Metamask had 3 million MAUs. Today, Metamask has 10,354,279 MAUs and has grown 1,800% since July 2020.

In the announcement, Metamask described some of the drivers that pushed the software’s MAU growth exponentially. For one, Metamask is considered the “primary way” global defi users interact with 17,000 unique Web3 domains. Metamask is also used to access the growing phenomenon of non-fungible token (NFT) assets that have taken the world by storm.

Two other things accelerated Metamask growth and one of them was the token swap feature. Alongside this, the Metamask mobile software gave the blockchain wallet an extra push in September 2020. Metamask’s growth announcement details:

The launch of the mobile version in September 2020 has played a crucial role in rapidly bringing new users from global markets such as the Philippines, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brazil.

Top 15 Geographical Metamask Regions, Celebration With Decentraland

Metamask says that as of August 2021, the software’s top 15 countries include: the Philippines, the United States, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, France, Canada, and Spain. Metamask is thrilled about the growth and is partnering with Decentraland on September 2, 2021, to celebrate the milestone.

“Metamask defined a new kind of cryptocurrency wallet, where users don’t just interact with currencies, but with decentralized applications, and we are constantly making these new kinds of applications more safe and accessible to a broader audience,” Dan Finlay, Metamask’s co-founder concluded. “We’re letting users explore new ways of establishing trust on the internet,” he added.

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